Pan-Armenian Games World Committee held meetings with Armenian  Community of Kazakhstan

ArmInfo. Ishkhan Zakaryan,  Chairman of the World Committee of the Pan-Armenian Games, held  meetings with representatives of the Armenian community in a number  of cities in Kazakhstan on September 17-24, 2019.

According to the press service of the Committee, the Armenians of  Kazakhstan have not participated in any event over the 20-year  history of the Pan-Armenian Games. “A newly elected Committee of the  Pan- Armenian Games was formed in Nursultan, businessman Hayk  Soghoyan was appointed chairman.  Armenian Ambassador to Kazakhstan  Gagik Kalachyan, chairman of the Pan-Armenian Games Pan- Armenian  Committee Ishkhan Zakaryan and Hayk Soghoyan discussed various  organizational issues,” the ministry said in a statement.

Then Ishkhan Zakaryan visited the United Arab Emirates. According to  the source, the delegation from the UAE, consisting of 11 people,  this year for the first time took part in the Pan-Armenian Games.  Zakaryan and the Ambassador of Armenia to the UAE Mher Mktrumyan met  with the head of the Armenian Church in the UAE and Qatar. According  to the results of discussions, including with representatives of the  Armenian community in Abu Dhabi, it was recorded that delegates from  Sharjah and Abu Dhabi will take part in the next Pan-Armenian Games  quite fully.

In the near future, Ishkhan Zakaryan is expected to meet with  representatives of the Armenian community of Russia and a number of  European cities, whose representatives have not yet participated in  the Pan- Armenian Games, or participated in a small number.

September 17-24, 2019